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Episode 30: Responsible Automation – Retain, retrain and redeploy your workforce

EPISODE 30 Responsible Automation - Retain, retrain and redeploy your workforce In this episode we host Greg Miller, Executive Director at Faethm, and we talk about Responsible Automation which is the ability to retain, retrain and redeploy your workforce. With the people that companies need for the future already in their business, automation does not have to result in job loss. We chat about Faethm's reskilling and upskilling Job Corridors which allows companies to get the maximum [...]

We are the first UiPath Services Network Partner in Australia and New Zealand

rapidMATION is officially the first UiPath Services Network (USN) Partner in Australia and New Zealand. Becoming a USN Partner is certainly no mean feat which requires many UiPath Diplomas and Certifications, exemplar UiPath technical skills, multiple successful UiPath project deliveries and then rigorous testing and validation of these skills by UiPath's elite technical team. UiPath define the USN program as follows: The USN Partner Program defines the competency level of the best UiPath [...]

Ash Kulkarni, Automation Guru at rapidMATION Recognised as a UiPath Most Valuable Professional

rapidMATION are thrilled to announce that our very own Ash Kulkarni, Automation Guru, has been selected as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) of UiPath, the leading enterprise automation software company.   The UiPath MVP program recognises top community members for their product expertise, leadership, and contributions to the community. Through their product feedback, content creation, peer support, and more, MVPs go above and beyond, helping to drive the innovation and adoption of UiPath technology. Fewer than 100 individuals were recognized [...]

Run a Tighter Ship

As you navigate the next phase of the crisis, you can harness intelligent automation to radically revise your cost structures. Businesses are automating to survive the pandemic and thrive in a post-crisis world Even as organisations in Australia and beyond rebound back to life after the first phase of the pandemic, many remain under financial pressure – and the impetus to cut costs is huge. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 38% of [...]

Lighten the Load

Companies operating in Australia are exposed to an array of evolving regulatory frameworks. Keeping pace with constant regulatory change can be a huge drain on resources – especially now when risk and compliance budgets are tight. Key pressure points The growing complexity of regulatory environments Snowballing data and reporting requirements Heightened regulatory scrutiny Conflicting laws across jurisdictions More pressure to demonstrate proof of compliance If not managed strategically, these factors can drive up [...]

Beat The Clock

When companies adopt automation, they are often laser-focused on cutting costs. However, we believe that saving time is equally, if not more, important. Saving time means delivering value to your customers faster – and being able to re-route hours from grudge work >> to critical work. Key pressure points Swifter decision-making Greater responsiveness Improved competitiveness Enhanced flexibility More capacity for business growth All these automation benefits can help your business to not [...]

Episode 24: Intelligent Automation in 2021 – RPA Predictions

EPISODE 24 Intelligent Automation in 2021: RPA Predictions Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist at UiPath, joined us for episode 24 of our Automation Alliance Podcast, to share his thoughts on how the robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and automation market will evolve in 2021 and beyond. Speakers Guy Kirkwood Chief Evangelist at UiPath Shaun Leisegang Chief Executive Officer at rapidMATION While we won’t give everything away in this [...]

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