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Intelligent human in the loop automation

The intelligent human in the loop automation solution that manages any software bot exceptions.

Ensure that any software bot exceptions can be managed, tracked, traced, resolved, and evolved.

Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) spend a huge amount of time on manual execution of tasks and business processes through the use of paper, spreadsheets, e-mail, and standalone application-driven interaction between team members. Workers today value modernization and automation efforts as well as having access to mobile apps to get their work done. However, most SMBs generally do not have the time, budget, or IT resources to solve these day-to-day problems in-house.


Built on K2’s low-code development platform, AppsforOps’ Customer Success software platform provides companies a suite of integrated business, workflow-enabled apps that end users can access on the go. With one platform and one login, businesses have access to multiple applications including:

Streamline operational processe

Provide a seamless and digital experience for employees to submit for invoice and purchase approvals or requests for payments, time off, and more.

Provide better insight

Help managers understand process performance by organising and consolidating information so they can see details and activity of each workflow.

Run a better business

Automate processes so managers can digitally receive approvals and requests all in one place and improve they way they make decisions and execute tasks in the process.

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