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Digital process

Take a system wide and human-centric approach to automating workflows to enable peak performance and cost optimisation.

Businesses looking to wholly embrace a transformative business model need to both optimise digital systems and empower their human workforce

 Digital process automation lets you reliably digitise, monitor, and direct automated workflows enterprise wide to increase productivity. We’ll help you adopt a modern application that seamlessly connects and unifies your current tech stack and makes sense to non-technical team members.

Build applications faster

Implement quickly with applications
aligned to core business
requirements and simple interfaces
that allow for in-house configuration.

Easily integrate across platforms

Our genuinely flexible digital process automation solutions integrate with multiple technology platforms and empower more people to drive automation.

Enable data-driven decision-making

Continuously create efficiencies and focus on value-adding work with rich data and insights about process effectiveness across your business.

Who we've worked for

Shine Lawyers

“With rapidMATION leveraging our existing K2 investment, we managed to deliver an exceptional solution in a very short timeframe – which astounded the business.”
– Luiz de Almeida
Chief Information Officer and Chief Innovation Officer
Shine Lawyers
Shine Lawyers

Low-code applications

Avoid the effort of coding workflow applications from scratch 

by leveraging visual tools, pre-built components, and smart
data integrators.

Cross-platform integration

Design automated workflows that seamlessly operate and
route tasks across multiple systems, digital capabilities, and
your human workforce.

Intelligent automation

Trust your automated workflows—our robust solutions
deliver an ideal workflow engine, cleverly deploy
robots and AI, and include powerful analytics.

Our Approach

At every step, we strive to understand how digital process automation can best progress your digital transformation.

If you want a better
tomorrow for your people
and your organisation,
we’re ready to start today.

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