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We automate processes using both humans + software bots

We’re entering a new digital transformation landscape, where artificial intelligence is collaborating with automation technologies and humans to provide unprecedented opportunities for business process optimisation.

We are Intelligent automation consultants and technology experts, that can partner with you to build an enterprise-grade intelligent automation platform that strategically combines technologies like

We believe that the future of work involves greater synergies between humans, software bots, cognitive tools and other systems. This creates an environment where you can create intelligent automation blueprints that capitalise on the best attributes of your technology assets and – most importantly – your people.

The result? True business transformation.

Keen to bring this scenario to life in your enterprise?

rapidMATION can guide you every step of the way.

Drawing on our extensive intelligent automation expertise and technology skills, we can provide the following services:


End-to-end intelligent automation consulting.


Implementation of K2, UiPath, Microsoft and Artificial Intelligence technologies.


An outsourced centre of excellence that acts as a one-stop-shop for all your intelligent automation needs.


Application support, subject-matter expertise and staff augmentation for any of your intelligent automation projects.

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