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Automated document

Effortlessly extract data trapped in business-critical documents, simplify document creation, and streamline processing workflows.

Knowing your current processes is the beginning of automation success.

Too many workplaces are drowning in paperwork and experience delays due to the manual extraction and processing of documents, like contracts, invoices, and bills. Automated document processing turns documents into data, insights, and actions. Unlock information held in paper and digital files, or even simplify the creation of common documents, and automatically request approvals and trigger associated workflows.

Put document data to work

Place data, in hardcopy and digital
files, at your fingertips and automate
how you review and share
documents, and analyse and
leverage the data they contain.

Guarantee compliance

Standardise inputs and automate the
generation of key documents to
ensure compliance every time, plus
reliably route documents for
approval and signatures.

Increase accuracy and speed

No more cutting and pasting. Fewer
errors and faster day-to-day
execution of key tasks related to
documents that underpin your

Who we've worked for


“Being able to experience the proposed solution on a 
smaller scale allowed me to see the benefits in action.
It also made my job a lot easier when it came to 
convincing the executive team to invest in the project!”

– Pieter Le Roux
National Shared Services Manager


Structured and unstructured documents

Handle every document type in any structure, including forms,
scans, handwriting, passports, health records, emails, contracts,
invoices, and purchase orders.

Advanced OCR technology

Our solutions apply some of the most advanced intelligent
optical character recognition technology to precisely
process documents.

AI tools adapt to any job

Machine learning, natural language processing, and
advanced recognition tools ensure rapid processing of
even highly complex, multi-page documents.

Our Approach

Move forward with confidence by working with our thoughtful automation gurus.

If you want a better
tomorrow for your people
and your organisation,
we’re ready to start today.

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