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Automation Alliance Podcast

Discussing all things Intelligent Automation

These podcasts are for process automation enthusiasts that connect listeners with automation gurus across the globe sharing their insights, knowledge and valuable opinions on topics related to Digital Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and more.

Join Shaun Leisegang – CEO and Founder of rapidMATION and his guests to hear about all the latest developments in the Intelligent Automation space.

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This group is for professionals and practitioners with an interest and passion in all things business process automation.

Members can use this group to connect with other automation gurus and most importantly find out what they are up to, where they are in their respective journey and what new tech they using to drive their automation strategy forward.

This group will share insights, knowledge and valuable opinions on topics related to human workflow, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, chatbots and all things process.