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Intelligent expense management automation

Expense management automation solutions that save time, increase visibility and reduce cost.

Save headaches related to expense processing with intelligent expense management solutions

Companies are often challenged when it comes to their accounts payable processes with poor data entry issues, disappearing invoices, delayed manual approvals, and more. This can result in lost funds as well as slow and inconsistent processing of invoices that frequently cost businesses time and money. Companies must find an intelligent solution to help minimise the gaps and errors that exist within the accounts payable process.


rapidMATION’s Accounts Payable solution weaves together market-leading technologies from ABBYY’s document capture and optical character recognition solution, K2’s low-code application development platform, and UiPath’s robotic process automation software. The joint solution provides an intelligent accounts payable automation solution that saves time and reduces cost. Use the solution out-of-the-box or customise it to your environment, and run your accounts payable process, your way.

Easily add new expenses

Use UiPath to monitor an email inbox for new incoming expense receipts. Use ABBYY FlexiCapture to extract expense receipt data and pass the data on for processing.

Incorporate humans to review tasks

Use K2 to loop in managers when approvals are necessary for expense claim processing. When claims are approved, K2 will prompt the necessary users to process expense reimbursements.

Track, analyse, and evolve

Digitize the process so you can efficiently track where expenses are being incurred across the business. Analyze and improve your process to find ways to optimize record keeping and eliminate expense leakage.


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