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The final Pizza and Process event of 2021 is now available to watch on-demand. In the last episode, our host Jonathan Butler was joined by Andrew Blinco who is a professional services manager for rapidMATION, a Nintex partner based out of Australia. The team at rapidMATION specializes in digital process automation and robotic process automation (RPA).


In the beginning of the episode, Andrew shared a little background about himself. He has been working in the technology space for 15 years and it started with Microsoft SharePoint, InfoPath Forms, Visual Studio and Excel. Andrew acknowledged how those technologies were really hard to get running and even harder to make modifications. And people don’t always get it right the first time so it’s important for technology to be agile. Jonathan and Andrew joked about how things weren’t as low-code back in the day.


Luckily Andrew stumbled into Nintex K2 blackpearl® and realized the benefits of process intelligence and automation. Now he leverages the complete capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform to build solutions for his clients.


A working prototype for stakeholders


Rather than spending time nailing down a comprehensive list of requirements, Andrew takes the basic requirements and builds a quick prototype. Then Andrew is able to show it to the customer and gather feedback. It also shows the customer the product(s) so they can play around with it too. Then both parties can make adjustments really quickly. Andrew finds that this method keeps the customer engaged.

“They tell other people in the business and before you know it you’ve got this pipeline of work coming in because people realize you can do stuff for them.”
Andrew Blinco
Andrew Blinco
Professional Services Manager at rapidMATION

And given these low-code development platforms, Andrew’s stakeholder prototype approach has remained successful throughout the pandemic. He builds something and then shares a link with someone to check it out.


Customer NDAs to protect everyone’s IP


The “process” part of Pizza and Process in this episode was about managing NDAs.


For Andrew’s team, one of the first steps in the customer onboarding processes is assessing whether a non-disclosure agreement is needed. Then if an NDA is needed, the next step of finding the contract can be hard for some companies to get right.


Most of the time it begins as a manual process where someone is downloading an NDA contract, but is it the most up-to-date version? No one knows unless there’s a single source of truth. Then what happens if the customer name is misspelled or the email field is left blank? Automating this process can ensure that every step of the NDA retrieval process is completed accurately and as fast as possible.


And it’s super important. Especially when intellectual property is at stake. Watch the full episode to see the inner-workings of Andrew’s solution.

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