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rapidMATION, a leading intelligent automation company and a UiPath partner in Australia, has announced its partnership with Druid, specialists in conversational AI, to resell the DRUID Chatbot Authoring Platform.


An AI-driven, no-code chatbot authoring platform, DRUID features natural language processing technology with support for over 40 languages and integrates with the UiPath platform, an enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) software solution.


The platform also offers over 300 pre-built conversational AI templates covering business scenarios across multiple industries and roles, and interprets information contextually through several internal and external channels.


It comes after UiPath announced in June this year that it had added conversational AI capabilities to its end-to-end hyperautomation platform.


rapidMATION founder and chief executive officer Shaun Leisegang says this milestone marked an opportunity for rapidMATION to bring the DRUID platform to the market.


“Being able to find and access solutions digitally is even more important due to COVID-19 crisis,” says DRUID partner account manager Irina Dochiţu. 


“That’s why rapidMATION and DRUID are now focused on building conversational automations as key ways to help enterprises emerge smarter, more efficient and more resilient as they get fully back to business.”


It also comes off the rapidMATION’s selection earlier in 2020 as the first UiPath Services Network (USN) partner in Australia and New Zealand. 


Leisegang says that achievement meant rapidMATION needed to continue to complement their offerings to maintain this “highly regarded partner status” in today’s highly competitive landscape. 


“We needed to ensure we are providing our customers with market-leading solutions that combine conversational AI with RPA to help them truly achieve end-to-end hyperautomation, this is what DRUID now brings to complete this offering,” says Leisegang.


“We look forward to establishing this partnership in the ANZ region and bringing the power of conversational AI to our valued customer base.”


The announcement of rapidMATION and DRUID’s partnership comes after the former partnered with real estate and investment management firm JLL earlier this year.


JLL approached rapidMATION after a large organisation awarded them a contract in Australia’s housing market, but realised they had no application programming interface (API) for digital data extraction.


JLL met with rapidMATION, and within a day, they had agreed to partner with JLL and develop a UiPath-powered intelligent automation solution to address their data challenge. 


rapidMATION worked on configuring a UiPath software bot that was able to automate tasks and retrieve data with no need for API integration. UiPath runs automation under locked screens and uses the TLS 1.2 protocol to assure privacy and data integrity. All property data remained within JLL’s highly secure server environment, and rapidMATION was never privy to any property data.  


JLL was able to access complete, clean data organised on their secure servers, and upload this to an internal workflow system for valuers to leverage whilst working on their inspections. Due to this level of data accuracy and accessibility, JLL was able to seamlessly integrate admin and valuation processes, optimise their expert valuers, mitigate project risk and meet the contract requirements ahead of the projected schedule.   


“The failure rate is fantastic – and time to complete has been astonishing,” says JLL valuation advisory business applications manager for Asia Pacific Paul Fitzpatrick.

rapidMATION was recently acquired by Tecala Group. Please follow the link below to be redirected.