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As part of the ongoing evolution of the rapidMATION brand, we are extremely excited to announce the rapidMATION brand refresh which includes the launch of a new website as well as a refreshed company logo.

"Our business - as well as the intelligent automation space - has grown and evolved over the years, and we felt it was time for a refresh so that we can continue to deliver beyond expectations for our customers on all things intelligent automation."

Here is a sneak peak of some of the updates:

rapidMATION Website


The way tomorrow works.


Unlock your people’s potential, outperform your competition, and become future-ready through intelligent automation.


If you want to unlock your full potential the way you work needs to adapt.


One thing we know about tomorrow—you can’t just automate the way you do things now. The future of work is now. Delivering value in a digital economy requires rethinking your approach. Applying automation intelligently to empower your people to do their best work. Harnessing human problem-solving prowess. In other words, replacing the mundane with meaning.


Work with us to free your people and prepare for the future of work, now.

With the fresh new look comes many great new additions including dedicated areas for Solutions and Insights:


  • Solutions will allow you to accelerate your success by starting with a rapidMATION intelligent automation solution.
  • Insights is where we will continue to deliver the latest intelligent automation contents across blog posts, podcast episodes and rapidMATION Live where we will be live streaming all things intelligent automation.

We are extremely excited for the next part of the intelligent automation journey.

rapidMATION was recently acquired by Tecala Group. Please follow the link below to be redirected.