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It has been a busy week at rapidMATION and next up we welcome Onkesh Sharma to the rapidMATION team.

Onkesh is an industrious and enthusiastic Mechatronic Engineering graduate with a special knack for learning.

His capabilities include designing and implementing solutions for various problems using modern tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Computer Vision.

A little bit more about Onkesh:

I was born in India and brought up in Lagos - Nigeria! I have lived there for more than 13 years. I came to Australia about 4 years ago and studied Mechatronic Engineering at UNSW. My honours thesis was on underwater ROV systems which can monitor Sea urchins and protect seaweed around the coastline of Australia. I worked as an Engineering Consultant at Robonomics AI where I developed MVPs including both hardware and software solutions based on client requirements. I love trying new things on the weekend, I attempted surfing thinking my skills from longboarding and bombing hills would magically make me adept at catching waves. Spoiler alert: It did not turn out well. Although I did get myself a 3D printer which has been very fun to play around with hoping to build something cool and share it with everyone! I am very excited to start my role at rapidMATION. P.S. I used to work as a bartender / barista - would love to make you a cocktail or a mocktail🍹 on the weekends. My favourite quote: A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.
Onkesh Sharma
Automation Guru, rapidMATION

Welcome to the rapidMATION team, Onkesh.


We cannot wait to see you deliver beyond expectations for our customers and turn many Bright Ideas into Automation Champagne. 

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