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Here at rapidMATION we do something called Robotic Process Automation.


Some people refer to it as RPA, and other people might even call it software bots.


These are not the Terminator style software bots that will take over the world.


They are software bots – or digital workers – that sit on your machine, or on a server, and they can automate any tedious, mundane, or repetitive task.

We teach your software bot to do the clicks that you and I as humans perform on a screen.


Here are some examples:

  • It could download documents, loop through spreadsheets, and type data into websites.
  • It could login to systems, download reports and email these out.
  • It could even wake up when a new email arrives, automatically extract the data from the attachment and then do something with that data.


The automation opportunities are endless.

rapidMATION was recently acquired by Tecala Group. Please follow the link below to be redirected.