rapidMATION is officially the first UiPath Services Network (USN) Partner in Australia and New Zealand.  


We are unbelievably humbled and thankful to join only a handful of elite UiPath partners globally who hold this status.  


“It is an extremely proud moment for us and one that reflects the quality of the rapidMATION team and our outcome focused delivery for our customers.” – Shaun Leisegang, CEO and Founder of rapidMATION 

One of the most amazing validations that we received as an outcome from going through this process was receiving a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 100%.  

“This recognition from UiPath is an honour but to have our customers unanimously vouch for us, and to recommend rapidMATION to all of UiPath’s customers, is truly humbling.” – Jonno King, Chief Automation Officer at rapidMATION 

Becoming a USN Partner is certainly no mean feat which requires many UiPath Diplomas and Certifications, exemplar UiPath technical skills, multiple successful UiPath project deliveries and then rigorous testing and validation of these skills by UiPath’s elite technical team.  

UiPath define the USN program as follows: 

The USN Partner Program defines the competency level of the best UiPath implementation partners. The program ensures that all USN Members have the right level of competency and are ready to deliver professional services at the same quality as UiPath. 

“rapidMATION have run a brilliant partnership from the start with us, it’s been positive, enthusiastic and committed. To achieve 100% CSAT score is an unbelievable achievement and clearly confirms rapidMATION’s outcome focused approach with their customers. Being the first USN partner in Australia and New Zealand only further supports their delivery capability and adds to the absolute pleasure it is to work with everyone at rapidMATION.” – Martin Milthorpe, Regional Partner Director, Australia and New Zealand

The rapidMATION team will take a moment to reflect on this achievement but then it’s back to supporting our customers otheir intelligent hyperautomation journey. Our focus remains on their goals and their successes through the innovative application of intelligent platforms, like UiPath  

In Jeff Bezos’ words: 

 “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” 

 We look forward to hosting many more of you on your intelligent automation journey, chatting to you about your Bright Ideas, helping you turn them into Automation Champagne and making this the best intelligent automation party yet.  


Now, time for some Automation Champagne🍾