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Here at rapidMATION we are all about Intelligent Automation.


Intelligent Automation is all about helping our customers understand how their business processes run, and then digitise and automate these business processes where it makes the most sense and can have the greatest impact.


While data and automation is at the centre of everything that we do, we often have the need to provide user interfaces for our customers to interact with their data and automations.


These user interfaces range from digital forms, to chatbots, and even mobile apps.


Using a mobile app to interface with customer data and automations that we create is a very common request and when we do this for our customers we want to build mobile apps that users will love.


This is the reason we are very excited to announce our partnership with Jigx.

We are excited to be working with rapidMATION, the leader in Intelligent Automation solutions in Australia. The Jigx vision is to enable wider audiences to build beautiful yet capable native mobile apps that delight users. rapidMATION are enabling that vision and together we have been able to take customer concepts from idea to "app on the phone" in days. Mobile has become the digital channel of choice for customers driving strong demand for high quality customer facing apps that interface with their data and automations.

Jigx is a platform that allows us to build beautiful native iOS and Android apps that interacts with our customers data and automations.


These apps are super intuitive to use and natively work online, or offline.


And most importantly the Jigx platform allows us to build stunning mobile apps. Fast.


In fact the rapidMATION App for Legal is built using the Jigx platform and you can check out Jigx in action here:


Be on the lookout for the Automation Alliance Podcast and rapidMATION Live episode where we will be speaking with Dennis Parker, Customer Lead at Jigx on getting stuff done with a new generation of apps for work, that employees love.


If you would like to learn more about Jigx or discuss any of your mobile app needs drop us a note so that we can see how we can assist you on your intelligent automation journey:

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