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Welcome, Andrew Bruce

This week we welcome Andrew Bruce to the rapidMATION team. Andrew is based in Perth and is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer with a positive attitude and knack for problem-solving. Andrew is skilled in UiPath, Business Analysis & Teaching. A little bit more about Andrew: I’m a self-taught RPA developer following the realisation that data-entry […]

📺 [rapidMATION Live] AI & Automation Assisted Form Creation & Conversion

LEARN MORE Join us on this episode where we talk with Rob D’Oria and we take a look at Kudzu which is an AI and automation assisted form creation and conversion tool. Don’t forget to subscribe to rapidMATION Live here: https://go.rapidMATION.com/Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rc1nCv-bBc LEARN MORE

Welcome, Gerhard van Zyl

Today we welcome Gerhard van Zyl to the rapidMATION team.   Gerhard is a Software Engineer with 17 years of web application development experience who enjoys problem solving and end-to-end design. He enjoys collaboration during every step of the SDLC, from requirements elicitation to system design, coding, code reviews and eventually testing support and product […]

Maximising Business Efficiency: Which problems are worth solving using Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation has been a buzzword in the business world for quite some time now. It refers to the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate routine and repetitive tasks. With the rise of Intelligent Automation, many businesses have been able to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, and provide better […]

rapidMATION is a proud sponsor of Rattle and Hum in the Sh*tbox Rally 2023

rapidMATION are pleased to be just a small part of an amazing cause: Shitbox Rally 2023. Shitbox Rally is the adventure of a lifetime challenging participants and their cars, worth no more than $1,500, on a 7-day drive across Australia to raise money for cancer research.   The rally is not a race – it’s […]

Welcome, Dr Kavyaganga Kilingaru

Today we welcome Dr Kavyaganga Kilingaru to the rapidMATION team.   Kayva brings over 15 years of experience in various roles involving design, development and support of production grade software systems.   Kavya is an experienced leader of teams building technical competency and delivery capability through guiding and mentoring.   Kavya brings leadership and hands-on […]

Ashutosh Kulkarni, Automation Guru at rapidMATION Recognised as a UiPath Most Valuable Professional

17 February 2023 — rapidMATION today announced that Ashutosh Kulkarni has been selected as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) of UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company. Established in 2018, the UiPath MVP program recognises top community members for their product expertise, leadership, and contributions to the community. Through their product feedback, content creation, peer […]

AFR Article: rapidMATION assists My Plan Manager with speeding up NDIS claims processing

rapidMATION – an Australian-based intelligent automation consulting services company – worked with My Plan Manager to implement the new Automated Claims Experience (ACE) platform. ACE allowed My Plan Manager to automate its accounts payable process using a combination of robotic process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR) and the ability to automate key decisions via […]

🎙️ [Episode 37] Exploring the Power of ChatGPT and Intelligent Automation

GET IN TOUCH You cannot go anywhere at the moment without hearing about ChatGPT and it is certainly taking over the internet at the moment. Join us on this episode where we talk all things ChatGPT and Intelligent Automation. Kudos to Mick Taylor and Stuart Chambers from UiPath and Deon Smit from Nintex for their […]

Use Nintex or K2 and looking for native mobile apps?

Nintex + Jigx

Use Nintex or K2 and looking for native mobile apps? Good news, our partners at Jigx have created a free mobile app that does just this. Drop your details on the below link here and we will reach out and get you all setup: https://www.jigx.com/process-automation/

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