Highly manual and repetitive processes 

  • High transaction volume processes
  • Highly frequent processes running daily, weekly (instead of monthly or yearly, which involves a lot of manual work or work prone to human error)

Process with standard readable electronic Input Type

  • Triggered by standard and consistent inputs. The inputs should be readable input type like Excel, Word, email, XML, PPT, readable PDF’s etc.
  • Triggered by input types which are not readable (scanned images with no OCR are not prone to automation)

Changeable Processing Method or System Change

  • The processing method cannot be changed
  • Fundamental changes are not required in the underlying technical architecture of the current systems (e.g new interface development or changes in configuration for existing systems to enable automation)
  • We strongly recommend to avoid automating a process that will be changed in the short term

Rule-based Processes

  • Activities with clear processing instructions (template-driven), with decision making based on standardised and predictive rules


High Volume

  • Processes with high transaction volumes (and high frequency)


Automation Savings

  • It’s recommended to automate only the processes that can provide a saving in terms of human work-effort of minimum 2 FTE’s


Low expectation rate

  • Activities with a low number of variation scenarios existing in the process leading to different handling procedures


Mature and stable processes

  • Well documented, stable and predictable
  • Known operations costs