The rapidMATION Guarantee

More than 50% of business transformation projects fail. That is why we have created a 10 day Proof of Value (PoV) Pack to help you realise your transformation faster, and build on your success.

We want you to get it right the first time

From selecting a process to getting something up and running we guarantee to deliver the agreed outcome in 10 days, or less.

Let us show you the art of the possible

There is no better time than the present and rapidMATION have made it very simple to get started with Intelligent Automation.

We offer all of our customers a 10 day Proof of Value (PoV) Pack which allows them to see the power of intelligent automation in action, without having to commit to any software purchase upfront.

A 10-day PoV Pack will weave together a scenario that may involve one or more technologies – depending on your requirements – and rapidMATION will arrange evaluation licenses for all software products so there is absolutely no software cost upfront.


It is not IF you will

But WHEN you will

What’s Your Bright Idea?