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Last week we spent a great couple of days at the Legal Innovation & Tech Fest. Legal is a really strong industry for us so it was great to be able to talk to many people and share just a little about some of the great work that we have been doing in the legal space.

In addition to many interesting conversations that we had over the two days around how we are weaving together intelligent automation scenarios that involve both humans and software bots working together, we had two presentation slots: 

·         Combining Chatbots, Humans and Software Bots for Ultimate Client Experience

·         Trailblazer Breakfast – What Louis Litt, Mudding and the Lawyer of the Future have in common


Combining Chatbots, Humans and Software Bots for Ultimate Client Experience 

The abstract of the session was as follows:

What if software bots didn’t take the place of humans, but worked alongside them?

Software bots could automate tedious and time-consuming work which would enable humans to focus on creative, challenging problems.

You could design your workflow to capitalise on the best attributes of both humans and software bots, which could lead to many benefits.

The combination of artificial intelligence and automation – helps companies transcend conventional performance trade-offs to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. The future of work involves both humans and software bots working together.

In this session, we showcased some work that we have been doing with one of our customers, an international law firm.

The problem our customer was having was that users from across the company often had the same questions that needed to be answered. Having to answer the same questions continuously tied up resources and their precious time.

In addition to the above if users didn’t have timely access to answers this could affect customer service.

So what we did is we implemented a chatbot that included some artificial intelligence and natural language processing that solved this problem for them and in so doing it allowed them to save time, money and increase employee satisfaction.

 We then extended the chatbot and added two skills:

·         A UiPath skill that allowed the user to retrieve their time off balance from Chris 21 and submit a new Chris 21 time off request all via natural language in the chatbot.

·         A K2 skill that kicked off a human-centric workflow and got approval for a request that the user had.

The session was very well received and this generated a lot of talking points and conversations following the session.


Trailblazer Breakfast – What Louis Litt, Mudding and the Lawyer of the Future have in common

This was a breakfast briefing session and the abstract was as follows:

In a recent survey almost 50% of senior legal practitioners cited that the leading challenge in driving legal innovation internally was “Getting enough time and resources away from ‘Business as Usual’. Imagine a world where you had bots and humans working in perfect harmony – bots taking on all the mundane and time consuming tasks, whilst producing ZERO errors and 100% process accuracy, freeing up your most important assets to focus on what they, and only they, can do: innovate.

This was another great session but it is a story that needs to be told rather than written down.

We will make a plan to show this soon.

Until then…

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