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How My Plan Manager is fast-tracking NDIS claims processing with intelligent automation

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to grow and mature, transforming the lives of more than half a million Australians, My Plan Manager Group has emerged as the largest plan management company in the Australian disability support sector. Comprising Assist Plan Managers, National Disability Support Partners, and My Plan Manager, the group has been providing expert guidance to clients seeking to navigate the complex NDIS system and maximise their entitlements since its establishment in 2014. The combined organisation has grown more than 50% in the past year alone to support over 50,000 clients, and now processes claims for more than 11% of the plan management sector.

In keeping with the rest of the group’s expansion, My Plan Manager has seen a surge in demand for its specialised services – processing close to 50% more invoices on behalf of its clients over the past year, with thousands of invoices now being handled every day.

To sustain a high quality of service as the business grows, and ensure compliance best practices across the board, My Plan Manager recognised the need to upgrade its technological and data intelligence capabilities. This included replacing its outdated, custom-built platform for NDIS claims and payments.

According to Richard Hilliard, the Chief Technology Officer of My Plan Manager: “a step change was required to remove process limitations, support system stability and mitigate risks”. He explains that due to his organisation’s rapid expansion, “existing systems were highly manual, resulting in rework, and also limiting our ability to scale”. 

Richard Hilliard

CTO, My Plan Manager

To address these issues, My Plan Manager launched a comprehensive initiative to upgrade its technology, streamline its processes, and enhance risk and quality controls. As part of this effort, the company identified the potential of intelligent automation, which involves using AI in combination with automation tools, technologies, and human insights to develop systems that can solve a variety of business problems.

rapidMATION worked with My Plan Manager to develop and implement an Automated Claims Experience (ACE) platform.


This solution uses a combination of automation and AI capabilities to automate My Plan Manager’s accounts payable process, including robotic process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR), and rule-based decision-making.

  • RPA uses software robots to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks previously done by humans. Over time, RPA has become more sophisticated and capable of managing complex tasks using algorithms and machine learning, further reducing the need for manual work.
  • OCR converts scanned images or printed text into machine-readable text, which makes it possible for a software robot, for example to search, edit and analyse the text.   
  • Rule-based decision-making enables the platform to make routine decisions quickly and consistently without human intervention.


To build this intelligent automation solution, My Plan Manager utilised technology offerings from UiPath, ABBYY, Nintex and Salesforce.

The results

After implementing the ACE platform, My Plan Manager has transformed its accounts payable process, increasing the number of claims that can be automated without employee intervention from 25% to 60%.


This intelligent automation approach has enabled teams to deliver faster and more accurate service to clients, improving outcomes for everyone involved.


Now that employees no longer need to handle as many manual tasks, such as checking rules and budgets, they can get through their workloads much faster, and they have more time to add value for clients. Overall, the ACE platform has improved productivity and reduced time to delivery, providing a streamlined process that benefits all stakeholders.


‘‘The results are clear,’’ explains Hilliard. ‘‘We’ve seen increased productivity as many manual tasks have been eliminated and turnaround times improved. At the same time, the system is significantly more resilient to potential fraud exposure and has reduced client vulnerability.’’


Rather than simply have a robot to replicate human processes step by step, Hilliard says embracing RPA has also provided an opportunity to optimise and enhance processes that unlock further business value.


‘‘Intelligent automation isn’t just about rubber-stamping things; the ability to embed intelligence into our platform has been key in getting the results that we see today,’’ he notes. ‘‘That means our clients get better outcomes and better service from providers, and that those providers get paid accurately and on time – all of which contributes to the NDIS delivering value to everyone.’’

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