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Customer Stories

Allowing Brokers to be Brokers:

DKG automates to survive and thrive
A leading provider of innovative insurance products and services, DKG Insurance Brokers chose to adopt an automation-first mindset during 2020. Their goals? To create exceptional customer experiences and opportunities for their employees; and build a more competitive, future-ready business.

Luke Kelly

Director, DKG Insurance Brokers
“We don’t want our human resources performing mundane tasks. It’s so much more powerful for our people to spend time with customers, understanding what they want and need, listening to them and solving problems for them.”
When we first connected with Luke Kelly, Director of DKG Insurance Brokers, his team were developing a range of internal CRM systems to manage underwriting and claims. While Luke had considered extending the capabilities of these systems with robotic process automation (RPA), he hadn’t yet explored the full potential of RPA.
Collaborating with us has enabled DKG to launch an RPA-led automation programme that has already begun to deliver exceptional value to clients, employees and the business alike.
DKG’s key automation goal was to free people from robotic tasks and “let brokers be brokers”. At that time, DKG’s brokers were often spending up to 80% of their time on tedious, repetitive tasks. Using automation to handle the low-value work has given these skilled professionals more time to gain a rich understanding of clients’ risk exposure and offer industry-leading insurance and risk solutions.

The first three automation projects

At the outset, three ‘problem processes’ that were heavily manual and sapped DKG’s resources were identified as the best opportunities for automation:
1. Managing Debtors
While DKG had a powerful system in place to manage its accounting ledger, the debtor management process was not adequately digitised. We helped to deliver an RPA-powered solution that works seamlessly with existing systems to generate statements and invoices with accurate data; and automate email communications to clients. Since deploying this system, DKG has achieved considerable time savings and improved cash flow due to more timeous payments.
2. Renewing Retail Motor Policies
Motor policy renewals did not generate substantial profit for the business yet required a huge time commitment from DKG’s brokers. An RPA software robot has been built to streamline and automate key process components, allowing brokers to focus on higher-value activities while still being able to source the best motor policy renewal solutions for clients.
3. Managing Claims Emails
DKG receives several hundred emails into its claims inboxes daily, leading to a high volume of repetitive work. To save time, reduce time lags and increase processing accuracy, an automation solution was developed to extract data from these emails and automate the correct course of action based on the email content. DKG now has an RPA robot that works effortlessly across Outlook, the CRM system and Box to process emails accurately and on time. During the first five months, more than 9,000 emails were processed (and counting).

Looking ahead

Going forward, DKG plans to automate more complex processes by embedding AI and machine learning capabilities into their automation environment. They are also considering building a ‘digital assistant for every broker’ to ramp up efficiency, with the ultimate goal of achieving a hyperautomation scenario in which employees build their own automation solutions.

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“We’re looking to redesign the customer journey here in its entirety. We’re also thinking about the staff who will be happier if they can do less back-office, heavily administrative work”

Luke Kelly, Director, DKG Insurance Broker

Discover how DKG Insurance Brokers have harnessed RPA to accelerate innovation.

We can’t wait to see what they automate next!

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