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We hosted our first live stream yesterday and it looks like we broke zoom.


In line with our belief that automation, AI and humans work better together – hyperautomation topped Gartner’s list of 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 and done well, hyperautomation empowers both the digital and human workforce to truly transform the way we work. It is evident that many share in our belief with the subject of Hyperuatomation being very top of mind.

We maxed out the capacity of the event room and unfortunately, not everyone was able to join the live session.


The good news is that the recording of the session is now available and to top it off our very first virtual event received the highest rated feedback in rapidMATION history. We are thrilled that all the attendees felt that the content delivered and the interactiveness of the presentation deserved a 9/10.


Watch the webinar to learn why Hyperautomation is the key to scale sophisticated automation across the enterprise with speed and efficiency. And in these new challenging times how hyperautomation is your gateway to being able to Automate, Survive. Thrive.


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