Intelligent IT Systems Check List Automation

IT Systems Checklist automation that can continually and automatically check a number of IT Systems and if something does go down, automatically notify someone.

Industry trends & challenges

With so many IT systems running in companies today, having a solid IT infrastructure to support use of all these applications matters more than ever. When systems go down, companies are often left scrambling to deal with a wide range of costly consequences. The lost time, productivity, and money associated with downtime cause far more than an inconvenience; they can easily inflict a blow capable of driving a company out of business altogether. Companies must find an intelligent solution to help ensure that if IT systems go down, staff can remediate the situation and get the business back online.

Get the rapidMATION solution

rapidMATION’s IT systems checklist solution weaves together market-leading technologies from UiPath’s robotic process automation software and K2’s low-code application development platform. The joint solution provides automation for an intelligent IT Systems Checklist that can continually and automatically monitor IT systems and bring humans into the process when things go awry.

Use the solution out-of-the-box or customize it to your environment, and run your IT systems checklist process, your way.

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See how rapidMATION’s IT systems checklist weaves together UiPath’s RPA technology with K2’s low-code application development platform.

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