Intelligent Employee On-boarding Automation

An intelligent employee on-boarding automation solution that automates your on-boarding process and ensures that your business can manage the entire process with more control.

Industry trends & challenges

Onboarding new employees can be a tedious process involving a lot of people and resources. New hires can often have their start dates delayed due to unclear processes and miscommunication across departments, which means they can often spend their first few days without the necessary tools, information, and permissions to get started at their jobs. Companies must find an intelligent solution to improve new hire satisfaction, performance, as well as overall operational efficiency.

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rapidMATION’s Intelligent Employee Onboarding Automation solution weaves together market-leading technologies from K2’s low-code development platform and UiPath’s robotic process automation software. The joint solution provides an intelligent way to automate your onboarding process and ensure that your business can manage the entire process with control.

Use the solution out-of-the-box, or customize it to your environment, and run your employee onboarding process, your way.

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