rapidMATION have a selection of ready to go Intelligent Automation Solutions that we have successfully delivered for many of our customers.

Processes range from the routine to the revolutionary: from expense claim management, to master data management, to invoice processing and more.

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Intelligent Accounts Payable Automation

Automate end-to-end Accounts Payable operations to provide better visibility, control, efficiency and cash management.
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Intelligent Expense Claim Automation

Expense claim automation solution that saves time, increases visibility and reduces cost.
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Intelligent Master Data Automation

Automation solution that ensures that any data that reaches the master data management system has been approved, is complete, correct and error-free.
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Intelligent Chatbots

With proper integrations in place, chatbots can instantly access enterprise data sources to pull up information, or actions tasks, faster than any human agent could. duces cost.


Intelligent Employee On-boarding Automation

An intelligent employee onboarding automation solution that automates your onboarding process and ensures that your business can manage the entire process with more control.
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Intelligent Human in the Loop Automation

The solution provides an intelligent human in the loop automation solution that ensures that any software bot exceptions can be managed, tracked, traced, resolved and evolved.
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Intelligent IT Systems Check List Automation

IT Systems Checklist automation that can continually and automatically check a number of IT Systems and if something does go down, automatically notify someone.


Intelligent Ideas Management Automation

An intelligent ideas management automation solution that give employees opportunities to participate in decision making at work.
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Intelligent Insurance Process Automation

A digital twin works alongside insurers to help provide their clients with an accurate and highly customised service at speed and truly empowers a customer-centric culture that only people can deliver.
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It is not IF you will Hyperautomate

But WHEN you will Hyperautomate