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K2, UiPath

We used UiPath to automate part of my Expense Claim process. We created a UiPath bot to log into LinkedIn on my behalf and download all my LinkedIn invoices. This was a great start and saved me a lot of time and many tedious clicks but it did not automate the full end to end process for me.

To automate the full end to end process I needed the UiPath bot to be extended to add the downloaded LinkedIn invoice to my AppsForOps expense claim.

We, the rapidMATION team, extended the UiPath bot to automatically log into LinkedIn on my behalf, navigate to the billing section and automatically download the latest invoice to my desktop. We then extended the UiPath bot even further to login to AppsForOps, our expense claim system, and add the LinkedIn expense as a draft expense claim line item.

No more tedious clicks, no more time wasting, one click and my LinkedIn expense was automatically logged for me. Winning.

Check out the below video on UiPath for Expense Claim Management:

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