Showcase: K2 + UiPath for Master Data Management


Play Play Company


Digital Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation


K2, UiPath


Play Play Company was spending a considerable amount of time emailing around spreadsheets to capture master data. Once the spreadsheets had been sent around manually to multiple employees for approval, which was both time consuming and error prone, the data was then manually captured into JD Edwards, their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


The solution was to bring together digital process automation and robotic process automation to offer full lifecycle business automation.

K2 was used as the digital process automation platform and enabled the customer to eliminate the spreadsheets and digitise the whole master data process including approvals of the master data. Once the process was automated with K2 it allowed the customer to cut costs, save time, it gave them better master data management, reduced human error and boosted accuracy.

UiPath was used as the robotic process automation platform and enabled the customer to automatically capture the approved master data into JD Edwards.


rapidMATION assisted the customer in implementing and automating the K2 process and the result of using K2 and UiPath together was full lifecycle business automation.

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