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Microsoft Outlook


AppsForOps found that many of the users of their Task+ app, which is an app that allows people to create and assign tasks for actioning, never left their Microsoft Outlook inbox.

Many of the AppsForOps users wanted to be able to view and action their tasks, track their processes and create new Task+ items straight from their Microsoft Outlook inbox.


AppsForOps for Microsoft Outlook allows you to action your tasks, track your processes or create new Task+ items straight from Microsoft Outlook.

My Task List displays the priority, submitted date and details of a task that is assigned to you. It also displays the outstanding action that is required from your side.

My Processes displays the Active/Completed tasks that you have been involved with. You can filter by week, month or year for active and completed tasks.

Task+ is a single place for employees to manage and track all their daily tasks: assign tasks to yourself, colleagues or even friends, categorise, prioritise and set due dates and reminders on any of your daily tasks.


rapidMATION built a Microsoft Outlook add-in called AppsForOps for Microsoft Outlook where AppsForOps users could view and action their tasks, check their processes and create Task+ items.

AppsForOps for Microsoft Outlook
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