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These podcasts are for process automation enthusiasts that connect listeners with automation gurus across the globe sharing their insights, knowledge and valuable opinions on topics related to Digital Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and more.

Join Shaun Leisegang – CEO and Founder of rapidMATION and his guests to hear about all the latest developments in the Intelligent Automation space.

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Episode 14: Scaling Intelligent Chatbots and how businesses are adapting to a Post-COVID world
We speak with Pavel Gimelberg, an Intelligent Automation and Agile Evangelist who is well known in the automation community in APAC. Shaun and Pavel share their predictions on Intelligent chatbot trends for 2020 and beyond, conversational AI and they share examples of how they are seeing businesses adapt to COVID-19 and prepare for business continuity in the future with process automation.

Episode 13: Intelligent Automation - What will the next 6 months hold?

Absolutely thrilled to have John Pickering as our special guest on this episode. John is a partner at Deloitte Australia focused on Intelligent & Cognitive Automation and Analytics. We chat about the key findings from the latest Forrester report “COVID-19 Just Made Automation A Boardroom Imperative” and talk about some of the incredible innovations that have been born out of necessity in response to COVID-19 and how Intelligent Automation is helping organisations survive and thrive in the new normal.

Episode 12: Scaling Automation and Innovation at the University of Sydney

Shaun speaks to Jonathan Parsons, Associate Director of Automation & Innovation at The University of Sydney and Operations Director at the AI-Hub. This episode is all about scale and how Jonathan has successfully embraced this challenge at the University. We hear how the AI-Hub enabled the University to better adapt to COVID 19 impacts and how RPA yielding demonstrable ROI in under 6 months has been a key driver in Jonathan’s passion for helping organisations achieve operational efficiency.

Episode 11: Reinventing Insurance - how insuretech is transforming the industry

We speak to Murray Macdonald, Co-founder and CTO of Just Insurance, and we find out how his love for fixing things eventually led him into trying to fix a broken industry – Insurance. We hear how one book rekindled Murrays ambition to start his own business and how he sees a robot for every person being a game changer for the motor insurance sector. Enjoy.

Episode 10: The upside down podcast

We decided to mix this episode up and were lucky to have the NSW UiPath Partner Manager, Ida Montagner, agree to host this episode and turn the questions on our very own Shaun Leisegang. We get the opportunity to hear Shaun’s thoughts on a range of topics from Microsoft’s recent interest in buying an RPA company to how Shaun is seeing the adoption of “a robot for every person” message across the Australian market. A great episode with some exciting announcements that we share with the listeners.

Episode 9: Transforming client on boarding through intelligent automation

Spearheading the automation-first mindset in legal is Luiz de Almeida, CIO at Sine Lawyers. Luiz joins Shaun in this episode to tell us more about the cutting edge innovations that Shine Lawyers are undertaking and how these initiatives are enabling their lawyers to work better, smarter, and more collaboratively.

Episode 8: How do you drive digital transformation?
Shaun was thrilled to have K2 Chief Product Officer, Burley Kawasaki, share his insights on how to truly drive transformation through the redesign of process to improve the customer experience. Join Shaun and Burley for a discussion covering all aspects of intelligent automation including the best customer use cases in the DPA world today.

Episode 7: Leading the Legal Innovation wave in Australia
On this episode we speak with Terri Mottershead. Terri is a leading voice in the legal industry in Australia and we talk all things legal innovation: from new matter intake, to client onboarding, to hyperautomation and onto where the future of legal is heading.

Episode 6: A day in the life of the UiPath Chief Evangelist
What an episode. We were privileged to have UiPath’s Chief Evangelist, Guy Kirkwood, join us for a discussion with Shaun on a range of topics including:
how automation will help us solve the retirement crisis, which of Guy’s top 7 predictions for RPA in 2020 have already rung true and what it means for UiPath to have recently been recognised by Everest Group as the Process Mining Leader for 2020. This is an episode you do not want to miss. Enjoy.

Episode 5: An in depth look into the Australian RPA market

Shaun speaks with Andrew Phillips, Managing Director and Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at UiPath. They look at how Australia stacks up against the rest of the world in terms of RPA, which industries are adopting RPA, they talk through a number of great customer success stories and talk about how UiPath themselves are living their a robot for every person mantra.

Episode 4: A relative newbies thoughts on the world of IA
We welcome Jonno King this episode, not only as our special guest on the Automation Alliance, but as our newest team member at rapidMATION. Jonno and I look at how the automation space has evolved since he left K2 (the leading Digital Process Automation platform) almost 4 years ago, and what his initial thoughts are on the “The Future of Work” and the latest Intelligent Automation trends for 2020.

Episode 3: Intelligent Automation in 2020 - Industry Predictions
This episode welcomes Anthony Scott, leading Industry expert in Intelligent Automation and one of the first to pioneer the way in RPA deployment in Australia. This episode has fantastic insight and opinion from both Shaun and Anthony on the Forrester 2020 Predictions report, a very meaty discussion around scale and lastly they question some of the latest stats being released on the future of attended vs unattended bots deployments.

Episode 2: Intelligent Automation in 2020 - DPA Predictions

Shaun speaks with Holly Anderson, senior director of product marketing at K2 and lifelong Star Wars fan. They look at Gartner’s “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends” for 2020 with specific emphasis on the new buzz word “Hyperautomation”. They also discuss digital twins and whether RPA and DPA technologies are the perfect marriage for automation harmony.

Episode 1: Intelligent Automation in 2020 - RPA Predictions
In our very first episode Shaun Leisegang speaks with Jens Pistorius, RPA Evangelist and founder of Incepto, on his thoughts and predictions in the RPA space in 2020. Shaun and Jens dissect the findings and commentary from various analysts and industry publications relating to intelligent automation with a specific focus on RPA. Tune in for 25 minutes to hear what Jens had to share with us on the future of RPA and the rise of the Intelligent chatbot.

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