Intelligent Ideas Management Automation

An intelligent ideas management automation solution that give employees opportunities to participate in decision making at work.

Industry trends & challenges

Employees want to be involved in providing feedback and ideas to make improvements around their workplace and better the overall employee experience. Companies’ human resources and operations departments must find an intelligent solution to help them harness this internal innovation and manage the influx of suggestions in an efficient and professional manner.

Get the rapidMATION solution

rapidMATION’s Intelligent Ideas Management Automation solution is built on the market-leading K2 low-code application development platform. The solution provides an intelligent solution that gives employees opportunities to participate in decision making at work. As a result, they will feel empowered and assume more ownership of their work.

Use the solution out-of-the-box, or customize it to your environment, and run your idea management process, your way.

Get the most out of your idea management solution


Submit an idea for a specific category which can include one or more attachments

Search and filter

Search for existing ideas or filter ideas by category or by current status


Allow users to vote for ideas that they believe should be executed

Provide input for commenting on ideas

Let users subscribe to ideas they are interested in following


Provide feedback and innovate

Provide a mechanism for feedback on submitted ideas

Encourage internal innovation by implementing the best ideas

It is not IF you will Hyperautomate

But WHEN you will