Intelligent Expense Claim Automation

Expense claim automation solution that saves time, increases visibility and reduces cost.

Industry trends & challenges

Proper tracking of a business’ expenses whether it be deliveries, products or services is critical to a company’s success, but expense claim management can be both time consuming and expensive. Companies must find an intelligent solution to help automate and digitize this crucial process to help enforce policy, keeps systems updated, and simplify expense claim processing.

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rapidMATION’s Expense Claim solution weaves together market-leading technologies from UiPath’s robotic process automation software, to ABBYY’s document capture and optical character recognition solution, and K2’s low-code application development platform. The joint solution provides an intelligent expense claim automation solution that provides accurate and timely expense claim routing, increases transparency, and minimizes processing costs.

Use the solution out-of-the-box, or customize it to your environment, and run your expense claim management process, your way.

Get the most out of your accounts payable solution

Easily add new expenses

Use UiPath to monitor an email inbox for new incoming expense receipts.

Use ABBYY FlexiCapture to extract expense receipt data and pass the data on for processing.

Incorporate humans to review tasks

Use K2 to loop in managers when approvals are necessary for expense claim processing.

When claims are approved, K2 will prompt the necessary users to process expense reimbursements.


Leverage UiPath to automate repetitive, mundane tasks and free up time for people to perform higher value tasks.

Software bots can execute a wide variety of human tasks – posting the expense claim data to an ERP, making expense reimbursement payments, and more.

Track, analyze, and evolve

Digitize the process so you can efficiently track where expenses are being incurred across the business.

Analyze and improve your process to find ways to optimize record keeping and eliminate expense leakage.

How it works

Add and extract

Pick up new incoming expenses.

Extract receipt data.

Remove risks of data entry error.

Review and approve

Create end-to-end expense claim process and ensure no tasks are missed.

Assign tasks to owners and make sure the necessary information is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Process and pay

Use software bots to post expense claim data to an ERP, make expense reimbursement payments, and more.

See the rapidMATION solution

Here’s how rapidMATION makes expense claim management easy and effortless.

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