Intelligent Chatbots

With proper integrations in place, chatbots can instantly access enterprise data sources to pull up information, or actions tasks, faster than any human agent could. duces cost.

Industry trends & challenges

Enterprise systems are highly complex and not particularly user-friendly. Information is often siloed and users don’t have quick access to the information they use most frequently. With proper integrations in place, chatbots can instantly connect to enterprise data sources and pull up information, or take action on tasks, faster than any human agent could.

Get the rapidMATION solution

The rapidMATION intelligent chatbot solution weaves together market-leading technology from Microsoft, K2, and UiPath to provide an intelligent chatbot solution that facilitates conversational experiences with users, enabling them to ask questions, receive answers, and complete tasks through natural dialogue.

Get the most out of your chatbots

Provide a knowledge base

A knowledge chatbot can be designed to provide information about virtually any topic.

Use a chatbot to find and return the information that the user has requested.

Escalate to humans

Hand off a conversation from a chatbot to a human when necessary.

Provide clear, smooth transitions to humans with chatbots’ self-identification for escalations.

Apply artificial intelligence

Add intelligence to the chatbot that ranges from understanding natural language, answering questions, hearing commands, performing translations or even performing searches across defined domains or on the web.

Use AI to ensure that the chatbot continually grows smarter.

Integrate with automation technologies

Use K2 to assign tasks to humans when a chatbot no longer suffices and get the right task to the right person at the right time.

Leverage UiPath robots to automate mundane, repetitive tasks straight from the chatbot using natural language.

How it works


Users converse with a chatbot using text, interactive cards, and speech.

A chatbot interaction can be a quick question and answer or a sophisticated conversation that intelligently provides access to services.

Action tasks

Complete simple, repetitive tasks that may not require direct human intervention.

Continually improve

Use active learning to ensure the chatbot continually learns and improves.

Learn how an HR department uses the chatbot solution

Case Study

Streamlining the client onboarding process

One of our clients is a legal firm that specialises in personal injury cases. As this organisation regularly deals with a large volume of potential new clients, we developed an intelligent chatbot solution…

Helping new hires with minimal impact on senior staff

In a knowledge-centric working environment, new hires require an intensive amount of support and guidance during the first few months on the job.

Managing HR requests more efficiently

Conversational AI can also be deployed to streamline a range of HR processes. To this end, we custom-developed a rapidMATION intelligent chatbot that helps one of our clients handle a range of different HR-related queries and service requests.


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