In line with our belief that automation, AI and humans work better together – hyperautomation topped Gartner’s list of 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020.

Hyperautomation focuses on maximising the potential for intelligent automation in your organisation—to ramp up productivity and profitability.

Hyperautomation has emerged as a digital transformation strategy for organisations that want to capitalise on various innovative technologies, as well as their own human capital, to achieve tangible and scalable performance and efficiency gains.

To achieve this, hyperautomation draws on a range of different tools and technologies—and combines these to optimise and automate as many process components (or entire processes) as possible across your organisation—more intelligently and more efficiently.

Working together, these various technology capabilities power full cycle digital transformation, allowing your company to identify the best processes for automation, optimise these from the ground up, automate a wider range of process components and ultimately delegate more manual work to machines.

Employees’ valued skillsets and expertise can be re-directed to the work that really needs these uniquely human capabilities (such as closing a sale or building a strategy), while the intelligent automation solutions (such as RPA software robots embedded with machine learning capabilities) take care of the rest.

The hyperautomation toolkit can include:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Digital Process Automation (DPA)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Process Discovery
  • Powerful Process Analytics
  • And – Importantly – Human Skills and Expertise

The benefits of combining these resources:

  • More processes can be automated, including knowledge work
  • Democratised technologies allow more people to drive automation
  • Software robots and AI redirect people to more fulfilling, value-adding work
  • Intelligent technologies improve analytics and decision-making
  • Powerful process analytics drive continuous optimisation

Done well, hyperautomation empowers both the digital and human workforce—taking productivity, cost-optimisation and performance to unprecedented levels.

Why rapidMATION?

As intelligent automation experts, we have strong partnerships with leading vendors in the technology fields that power Hyperautomation. We also have the skills to put these tools to work in your organisation; and plenty of experience in combining complementary technologies to amplify ROI.

For these reasons, we are perfectly positioned to help you leverage a Hyperautomation strategy to increase the scope, speed and successful outcomes of intelligent automation in your organisation.

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