UiPath RPA Meetup Group – Melbourne

rapidMATION will be presenting at the next UiPath meetup in Melbourne on 22nd May. The session will focus on the future of work: humans and software bots working together and will weave together K2, UiPath, Microsoft Flow and Artificial Intelligence.

What if software bots didn’t take the place of humans, but worked alongside them? Software bots could automate tedious and time-consuming work which would enable humans to focus on creative, challenging problems. You could design your workflow to capitalise on the best attributes of both humans and software bots, which could lead to many benefits. Join us on this webinar where we will show how humans and software bots can work together in a customer success scenario. 

We hope to see you there and if the subject matter is of interest please come say hi afterwards as the rapidMATION team will be attending the event.


May 22 2019


18:00 - 20:00

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Tamaryn Naughton
+61 402 026 284

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