Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Build applications faster and automate smarter

Create modern process applications, automate workflows and accelerate your digital transformation strategy.

DPA technology allows you to optimise entire processes from end-to-end, rapidly building powerful applications for mobile or desktop that orchestrate the flow of work between humans, software robots, cognitive services and legacy systems.

Go low-code

Our DPA technology of choice is the low-code K2 platform. This market-leading DPA platform provides you with a consumer-grade application design environment. Rather than coding your workflows and forms from scratch, you can build these faster and smarter using visual tools, pre-built components and smart data integrators.

With all your processes running on one platform, you also have access to business-critical insights that help you to drive non-stop improvement.

Powering intelligent automation

The K2 platform is an ideal workflow engine for intelligent automation, because it integrates beautifully with multiple technology platforms. This means that your K2-powered intelligent automation solution can route tasks to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software bots, chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools or humans, depending on the type of task.

With your employees only focusing on exception handling and complex cases, all your resources are optimised.

Why rapidMATION?

As DPA experts we have played an integral role in hundreds of implementations of the K2 platform, we offer a depth of expertise in this technology area that is difficult to beat.

See how we bring K2 and UiPath’s RPA platform together to achieve full lifecycle process automation:

It is not IF you will Hyperautomate

But WHEN you will Hyperautomate