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The future of legal = paralegals + software bots

Meet Your Digital Paralegal

Imagine a clerical co-worker who’s there 24/7 to handle your time-draining, admin-heavy work for you.

With a Digital Paralegal by your side, this can very quickly become your everyday reality.

You will not only work faster and smarter, but also win back hours and hours to focus on what is important to your firm – your clients.

Get ready to delegate to your Digital Paralegal

Give your swivel chair a break

Stop pivoting from system to system to get your work done.
Your Digital Paralegal can handle all your data processing
tasks, across multiple systems for you – with incredible
speed and accuracy.

Improve time to value

In any legal firm, time is money. Rather than wasting billable
hours on low-level, repetitive tasks – hand this work over to your
Digital Paralegal. The result? Cut cycle time, improve accuracy,
and increase capacity to provide strategic support and
exceptional client service.

A Digital Paralegal can act as your virtual twin, helping with:

“We have a technology platform that we can use across the rest of the business, as well as lots of IP that we can reuse over and over again.”

Luiz de Almeida, CIO, Shine Lawyers

Intelligent Automation in Action

rapidMATION is ready to power innovation in the legal sector through user-friendly, future-focused intelligent automation. For example, we recently helped Shine Lawyers streamline their client onboarding experience with an intelligent solution that combines robotic process automation and digital process automation.
With their new solution in play, Shine Lawyers:
  • Booked $290K worth of new cases in the first 8 weeks
  • Reduced the load on the call centre and legal team

It is not IF you will Hyperautomate
But WHEN you will Hyperautomate

If you want a better
tomorrow for your people
and your organisation,
we’re ready to start today.

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