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Customer Stories

Transforming client onboarding through intelligent automation

Luiz de Almeida

Chief Information Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Shine Lawyers

“With rapidMATION leveraging our existing K2 investment, we managed to deliver an exceptional solution in a very short timeframe – which astounded the business.”

“We have a technology platform that we can use across the rest of the business, as well as lots of IP that we can reuse over and over again.”

Luiz de Almeida

Shine Lawyers, Australia is a law firm that specialises in personal compensation claims; disability, insurance and superannuation claims; and class actions – on a “no win, no fee” basis.
As a firm focused on cutting legal complexity, Shine wanted to simplify its client on-boarding process.
Originally, every potential new client was taken through a manual Q&A process via the call centre, to gauge whether they had a viable lawsuit. These Q&As often took the better part of 30 minutes – which was a substantial time commitment, given that this was not necessarily time the firm could bill for. Firstly, not all enquiries lead to viable cases; and secondly, Shine offers all services on a no win, no fee basis.
Furthermore, when cases did pass the initial Q&A stage, additional information had to be gathered manually; and then call recordings were passed on to personnel for manual transcription and appointment setting with the relevant legal professional. This increased the manual workload and costs associated with client on-boarding.
When Shine wanted to move to a digital solution to improve their on-boarding process, their Chief Information Officer (CIO), Luiz de Almeida, along with their internal marketing team engaged K2 to assist with their technology integration.
Shine had already invested in the K2 digital process automation (DPA) platform, which offers easy integration with multiple different systems, as well as the tools to create custom digital forms that offer a user-friendly experience for clients and staff.
rapidMATION met with the Shine marketing team and explained that instead of engaging in time-consuming and costly development projects to integrate forms into Shine’s on-boarding systems, we could create a solution using K2 Smart Forms and Smart Objects.
We began with a 10-day Proof Of Value project, during which we created K2 Smart Forms that replicated the forms Shine had already created. These new K2 Smart Forms are both interactive and intelligent.
Depending on their responses, clients may be directed down specific branches of questioning, to speed up the process and enhance the customer experience. By automating these question flows and associated process steps, Shine has been able to dramatically reduce the amount of manual work involved in the new enquiry on-boarding process. Additionally, there’s no need for legal professionals to get involved until an appointment is booked. At this stage, the lawyer receives comprehensive and up-to-date information on the case.
Shine is not only reducing the load on the call centre and its lawyers, but also building a healthy pipeline of appointments that may otherwise have been lost.
Following on from this project’s success, Shine and rapidMATION are currently working on several intelligent automation initiatives that leverage our client’s K2 investment and our expertise in intelligent automation.

Looking ahead

2. Renewing Retail Motor Policies

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“We already had an investment in K2, which we can use from the cradle to the grave on this type of project. The security settings were all in place and we had already gone through all the rigorous testing with K2.“


Luiz de Almeida

Watch a comprehensive presentation of the Shine Lawyer’s client onboarding solution,
combining UiPath and K2 for intelligent process automation.

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