Chatbots & Voice Assistants

Virtual support for business users and customers

Communicate more effectively with your customers and reduce your workload with chatbots and voice assistants that provide support across multiple channels.

We can build chatbots and voice assistants to retrieve information, provide critical insights and manage routine tasks for you in real-time. With the support of these virtual assistants (be they text-based or voice-activated), you can work faster, make smarter decisions and focus on the task at hand without having to jump between multiple systems to get your work done.

Is it time to innovate your customer experience?

We can design and deploy a chatbot solution that engages naturally with your customers across multiple channels. These include your website, apps, Facebook Messenger, email and other platforms. With chatbots handling routine customer conversations, product queries, booking requests and other interactions 24/7, you can turn your customer experience into your competitive advantage.

Route complex tasks to humans

By incorporating your chatbot and/or voice assistant technology into a holistic, intelligent automation solution, you can automate routine work and escalate complex cases to humans – to increase efficiency across the board.

Make your chatbots more intelligent

We can also help you to pull in cognitive services that give your chatbot Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. You could, for example, design a chatbot that is able to moderate content, make intelligent recommendations, translate text into multiple languages and much more.

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