29 03, 2021

Ash Kulkarni, Automation Guru at rapidMATION Recognised as a UiPath Most Valuable Professional


rapidMATION are thrilled to announce that our very own Ash Kulkarni, Automation Guru, has been selected as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) of UiPath, the leading enterprise automation software company.   The UiPath MVP program recognises top community members for their product expertise, leadership, and contributions to the community. Through their product feedback, content creation, [...]

Ash Kulkarni, Automation Guru at rapidMATION Recognised as a UiPath Most Valuable Professional2021-03-29T15:07:53+10:00
25 03, 2021

Run a Tighter Ship


As you navigate the next phase of the crisis, you can harness intelligent automation to radically revise your cost structures. Businesses are automating to survive the pandemic and thrive in a post-crisis world Even as organisations in Australia and beyond rebound back to life after the first phase of [...]

Run a Tighter Ship2021-03-25T04:41:37+10:00
25 03, 2021

Lighten the Load


Companies operating in Australia are exposed to an array of evolving regulatory frameworks. Keeping pace with constant regulatory change can be a huge drain on resources – especially now when risk and compliance budgets are tight. Key pressure points The growing complexity of regulatory environments Snowballing data and [...]

Lighten the Load2021-03-25T04:40:29+10:00
25 03, 2021

Beat The Clock


When companies adopt automation, they are often laser-focused on cutting costs. However, we believe that saving time is equally, if not more, important. Saving time means delivering value to your customers faster – and being able to re-route hours from grudge work >> to critical work. Key pressure [...]

Beat The Clock2021-03-25T04:22:45+10:00
2 03, 2021

Episode 20: The Real Power of the Microsoft Power Platform


EPISODE 20 The Real Power of the Microsoft Power Platform Episode 20 of our Automation Alliance Podcast Series focuses on how inclusive, user-friendly technologies like the Microsoft Power Platform are opening up a world of automation possibilities for companies in all sectors. Speakers Andrew Coates Senior Software Engineer [...]

Episode 20: The Real Power of the Microsoft Power Platform2021-03-04T02:21:37+10:00
19 11, 2020

Expert Panel: A Pandemic Spotlight


They’re some of the leading minds and voices in the automation industry today and we were honoured to have them as our guests on this special Expert Panel.   It’s time to adopt an innovation mindset and go beyond what we ever thought possible with agile, scalable automation. But where to begin? Watch this insightful and valuable [...]

Expert Panel: A Pandemic Spotlight2020-11-19T15:18:41+10:00
11 08, 2020

The Future Ready Workforce


Recently, there’s been a lot of news about businesses ‘resetting’ and ‘pivoting’ their strategies to cope with the impacts of Covid-19. Though it’s tempting to ignore the buzzwords around this topic, it’s important not to miss the key message—the pandemic has disrupted the world of work and we need to adapt. As companies update their [...]

The Future Ready Workforce2020-11-19T15:02:57+10:00
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