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“Let brokers be brokers”. So how do we do that?

In recent months rapidMATION has been working with a wide range of insurance brokers who are all looking to transform the way they do business. Their goals have all been the same, they need to: Improve customer engagement across the customer lifecycle Reduce costs and simplify their business Meet their compliance requirements Maintain cashflow and Have a foundation for growth and acceleration The impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying social and economic lockdown have only served to accelerate the need for this transformation. Improved customer engagement Insurance broking is a relationship business. Customers are looking for [...]

Announcement: rapidMATION Pack for K2 and UiPath 

We are delighted to announce the availability of the rapidMATION Pack for K2 and UiPath.   With a combined 50+ years of K2 experience and market-leading UiPath expertise, rapidMATION is the team to bring these two platforms together.   This pack provides bi-directional integration between K2 and UiPath enabling you to build fully integrated solutions spanning both platforms joining the worlds of Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This allows you to seamlessly create intelligent automation processes that involve both humans and software bots.   Register your interest here: https://bit.ly/rm-k2-uipath    The pack includes:  UiPath Connector for K2 - leveraging [...]

Case Study: JLL

rapidMATION worked on configuring a UiPath software bot that was able to automate a variety of data retrieval and processing tasks and access the various systems involved, with no need for API integration. This highly secure method requires no human involvement in any data access or processing tasks.

Don’t hesitate, hyperautomate.

Hyperautomation builds on that business value. It begins with a foundation of process automation technologies and expands their capabilities with AI, the ability to discover, prioritise, and track automation ideas in one place, process mining, analytics and more. This means that more types of processes can be automated and optimised.

Power Virtual Agents: a key component of the intelligent automation landscape

And we’re not alone. According to research and advisory firm ADAPT, smart agents and chatbots are ranked in 3rd place in the Top 10 Australian CIO Emerging Technology Priorities for 2020. This finding was revealed in a September 2019 survey of over 160 CIOs and technology leaders across Australia and the region’s largest enterprises.

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