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We are delighted to announce the availability of the rapidMATION Pack for K2 and UiPath.


With a combined 50+ years of K2 experience and market-leading UiPath expertise, rapidMATION is the team to bring these two platforms together.  

This pack provides bi-directional integration between K2 and UiPath enabling you to build fully integrated solutions spanning both platforms joining the worlds of Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This allows you to seamlessly create intelligent automation processes that involve both humans and software bots. 

 Register your interest here: https://bit.ly/rm-k2-uipath 


The pack includes: 


rapidMATION UiPath Connector for K2 


rapidMATION Automation Architect, Wayne Acton, has been working with the K2 product and engineering teams for the past couple of months on early releases of K2’s new Connector SDK.  

The Connector SDK, announced today at the K2 FastFWD event is a JavaScript based framework for integrating 3rd party services and apps into K2’s SmartObject layer 

The rapidMATION UiPath Connector for K2 dynamically discovers your UiPath environment generating objects for each of your UiPath processes and generating objects for other key resources such as Assets, Jobs, Queues, Robots etc 


Once configured you can easily generate SmartObjects and take advantage of UiPath integration across your K2 SmartForms ,workflows and K2 Apps 



The connector works for both UiPath Cloud and UiPath On-premises. 


rapidMATION K2 Activities for UiPath 


The rapidMATION K2 Activities for UiPath allow you to start a K2 workflow from your UiPath process when your automations need to transition from software bot to human. 

From a UiPath process, you can start a K2 workflow, set the folio, set variables and process priority. 

Importantly, the activities support both Azure AD and basic authentication. 


Register your interest here: https://bit.ly/rm-k2-uipath 






For customers looking to purchase while the rapidMATIONPack for K2 and UiPath while the K2 Connector SDK is in beta we have a special offer and an opportunity for you to influence upcoming features. 

 You can see both these components in action here: 


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